Guidelines to use the DAK system

  Please contact NIC CELL (7138; 7316; ) for creation of new user; email to and copy to

 How to login DAK System & change the password

1. Open   in Internet Explorer browser


  ( “Click for Login” to be selected for login, “Help/Guidelines” to select to know about the system “


 2.  For Login : The user is not required to know its user-login . It is selected through drop down window. Since it is a long list of users , it is grouped in category . Thus first select  the category  ( group officer or PS or PA or  SrAO …….)  from the drop down window. Then  , within category   select the user from drop down window.

 3.  Enter your password  ( The default password is “diary2009” and it must be changed at the earliest. )

 ·    To   Change Password

 1. Click on Change Password

2. Enter your old password and then your new password.

3. Enter again new password to confirm your password.

4. Submit it.

5. It will  display Password is changed


Module for Letters :( For Letters Movement )



: This is for diarising of Letter/Fax/E-Mail copy received directly at the user/section and to forward the same to concerned user/section. Also this option to use for diarising of letters (i.e internal letters)  to send to any individual/section in the office itself.


Receipt  - This option  provides to receive/acknowledge the letter which is forwarded by any individual/section or by R&I section for forwarding  of the same to further any individual/section or to keep the letter in File.

·         Options are: No action /Not recd physically/ Received

·         In case Letter not received physically with in 3 days ,Not recd physically–Send back” is available

·         In case the letter is marked  as “Filed/ reply” then it will be processed through DISPOSAL

Disposal  - This option provides to select/enter File no. and page no. of the file where the letter has been kept.

·         Select and click one of the pending  letters  in Disposal Menu.

·         New  screen for disposal of  letter will be opened and select one of three options:

·        Letter  Filed  with no action

·        Letter Filed  with action being taken

·        Letter Filed  with  action  as to be replied

·        (In all the three cases , the status of of letter  is closed and its file reference to be selected from  drop down window  and in case  the desired File  not in the list then new file reference  to  be entered.

•        If  the letter received is an acknowledgement  or reply then the earlier  “ Despatch No.” to be selected   from the drop down window.




In this system, if the letter is despatch through DAK System & sent to R&I  , it would be registered electronically as forwarded to R&I   vide a unique  despatch number and date. The peon book/ despatch book etc need not to be maintained  The   letter can be traced from the Desk in the  section itself . The list of letters despatched from the section can be generated.


This option facilitates the letters to  dispatch from any section  or individual and sent to R&I where it will be received electronically.  One has to login to use the option “Despatch” from the menu, despatch screen will appear to  enter the details.


Fields to be entered :

Despatch Type/Letter Type “Original/Reply” If the despatched letter is a reply against any letter received earlier, then select as “Reply” and the diary number of the received letter otherwise select it as “Original”.

 Despatch Letter No.letter number has to be fed for reference.

Section name ) :  Select from the window.

Sent to : Select field office/Ministry/PSU/State Govt./Others to where letter to be sent.

Name/Details: Name of the person or address to be fed in case of Sent to is others

Language : English (default)

Subject :  to be entered as per the requirement.

Reply Expected: default as “NO”. If any reply/acknowledgement is expected against the despatching letter,  then “yes” has to be selected in the asked column.

Despatching mode : Select from the window. If despatch mode is selected as “Speed Post” , the packet no . will be displayed which is unique for each field office/individual. Click on “Save” button to save the data for  despatched letter.

To view/print all the letters despatched can be seen using the option “Despatched  letters(All)

”  from the menu of Reports/Queries –Letters.


·        All the letters  other than ordinary post  have reference number  which are to be entered after placing the DAK in Post office  through POSTING MENU .

Posting : ( Only in R & I Section)

·        After placing  the letters /packets in post office ,  the record of letters posted   will  be updated for its  date of posting,   Reference No. of posting ( courier No. / registered number if any, etc.) in R&I section.

 Reports & queries for letters

·              List of Diarised letters (in R&I /section/ Group officer  )

·         Trace a letter ( on Diary No.)

·        Trace letters (on Letter No. string)

·        Trace letters (on sender)

·         Letters Sent/Letters Received

·        Letters Pending to Receeive

·         List of letter(s) sent to despatch

·        Trace/status of Letter to be  Despatched / posted .

·        List of Despatched  & Posted  letters (  Category wise)

·        List of Letters to be replied but not despatched

·         List of Letters to be replied, are despatched


Module for Files  ( File Movement ):


This is same as Letter module. But there is no dispatch in this module. Because file will not go out of the office through R&I section. In case of letter the receipt and forwarding taking place at same moment. But receipt/acknowledgement takes while file received. The forwarding/disposal takes place later.  T


 Select File from Menu and Select one of the options ( Diarise/Sent to ; Receipt ;  Disposal )

 Diarise/sent to -  means  submit the file ( Input screen )

 Receipt/Acknowledgement - means  acknowledge the file :  Three option ( No action (default) ; Not received physically  , Received physically, Not recd physically–Send back)

 Disposal/Forward -  means acted upon the file. (  Forward to some one or closed file after action taken)

 For Reports/Queries (FILES)

Select  any one of the various report from Reports/Queries Files column at Home page

 Various given reports / queries have been developed :   

 •  Diarised  Files (list of files diarised by any user-id)

 •  Trace a file-specify diary no.

   Trace a file-specify file no.  or 3 character string of file

·  Trace a file-specify subject.  or 3 character string of subject 

 •  Files - Sent

  Files - Received

•  Files - Not seen/No action

 • Statistical Pending Report of Officers

   File Pending more than specific days

 How to Retain/close  a File : If file is to be retained by anyone, he has to select “Action taken -: File retained “ from the forwarding option. Only the originator can close the file.

 The originator of the file will see the file retained in the disposal with the remarks “File Retained by – xyz”. The only option available to the originator for that file will be “Status Closed” in the forwarding option. He has to select “Status Closed” and submit. The file will be treated as closed.


   New Features :

Pull  Back-Not Recvd. Letters/Files - This option helps to get back the letter/file which is forwarded either to an officer/section wrongly or to the officers on leave/tour provided the letter/file is not received. So When this option is selected, it shows all the letters/files which are sent by the logged in user and not received by the receipent yet. The user has to select the letter/file which is required to be pulled back either to forward any other officer/section or to close the movement.


Pull Back Letter from Disposal - This option helps to get back the letter into receipt inbox to forward further to any officer/section which is wrongly opted for filing/disposal.


 For any queries or problems send email to  with a copy to