Guidelines:  For Web based monitoring System of sanctioned strength and men-in-position in IA&AD

1. In the login screen, the field office has to be selected and the password has to be fed. The options available in the menu are "Data Entry", "Reports" and "Queries". If menu screen is not appearing then add this site domain ( through compatibility view settings in Tools option i.e "Tools - compatibility view settings " of the Internet explorer browser. Also Add this site ( ) as Trusted site without https ( remove tick mark of HTTPS option) under Security tab through Internet options i.e " Tools - Internet options - Security - Trusted Sites ".

2. Sanctioned strength for field offices has to be fed by the SSR (Staff, Statistics & Research) section at CAG Hqrs., whereas the men in position data has to be fed by the field office. Unless the sanctioned strength data is fed into the system the men in position data cannot be entered.

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